Engage Customers & Shoppers

Review Generation and Management

Amazon reports that reviews can increase sales by up to 3.5x. Good reviews can make or break your success on Amazon. We utilize third party software to manage best practices for overall review generation. We create a custom email strategy to engage with your Amazon customers on a personal level. This helps to create positive product and seller reviews while mitigating negative ones.

Customer Engagement & Follow-Up

• Product Inserts 

• VIP email lists

• Email follow-up campaigns inside & outside of Amazon

• Answers Section on Amazon

Scale Your Distribution

Amazon.com is not the only marketplace we sell on and for brands that wish to expand to other markets around the world, we’ll help you access new Amazon marketplaces.

Other Amazon Brand Services

Manage Your Business

We Manage Your Amazon Customer Service. Your Customer Becomes Our Customer.

Manage Your Business

We Manage Your Amazon Inventory & Supply Chain Management. We Handle The Details, So You Don't Have To.

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